Motivating Youth to Solve the World's Water Problems!

"The world's population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050 and at the rate we're going there won't be nearly enough water for that many of us."

We must raise awareness and groom the professionals that we need for both today and tomorrow.

Students in today's classrooms are the scientists and technologists of the future that we will need to meet this challenge. Help us inspire them!

Wayne Winsley is doing just that, one school at a time, but he needs your help to reach as many young people as possible.

Wayne Winsley speaking at Stone Academy, West Haven, CT

You Can Help. Please Donate.

We must begin today to put in place policies to meet this need and we will need qualified professionals ready to join the effort tomorrow.

"Our water is money. Yet utilities watch revenue go down the drain everyday due to inefficiencies and aging systems."

Increased domestic interest in careers in the fields of science and technology builds momentum for greater innovation and more domestic employment opportunities and economic growth.

Increased awareness coupled with increased free market participation builds support for policies that promote aggressive development of new technologies and reduce barriers and improve market conditions.

That's why the Water Innovations Alliance Foundation has teamed with the Brave Enough to Fail® program to help increase awareness of the need for innovative solutions to the world's water problems and the benefits associated with participation in the development and implementation of those solutions.

The Brave Enough to Fail® is a motivational/educational program geared toward inspiring the courage needed to achieve success.

The program employs a multi-pronged approach, The presentation, which is a motivating, inspiring and entertaining message built around a single core principle. Overcoming fear of failure is an absolute requirement for success on any level. Combined with tangible, long-lasting motivational resources including the hardcover, inspirational photo book "Where are you going?" workshops and other resources.

Join with the Water Innovations Alliance Foundation to promote next generation science and technology while cultivating the next generation of scientists and technologists.

You Can Help. Please Donate.

Questions about Brave Enough to Fail? Call Wayne at 203-417-8288.

"Wayne Winsley is a dynamic and engaging speaker. He masterfully infused his presentation with amusing anecdotes that kept our students interested in his powerful message. Mr. Winsley provided our students with knowledge that will help them succeed in college but more importantly in life." - Marvin Towler, Pathways to College Teacher, Hillhouse High School, New Haven CT

"Fantastic, just fantastic, Wayne's Brave Enough to Fail presentation was a tremendous hit at Granby High and I strongly recommend Wayne to any school or college." - Greg O'Neil, Granby High School, Granby CT