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Water Infrastructure Summit:
Building a 21st Century Smart Water Infrastructure Summit

Friday May 18, 2012
1299 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 900 (9th Floor)
Washington, DC 20004

Join Us in Washington, DC on May 18th
Please join us as we discuss our smart water network and other water infrastructure issues at the 'Building a 21st Century Smart Water Infrastructure Summit,' in Washington DC on May 18th. It is a one day conference where you will learn more about the problems facing the U.S. water infrastructure and ideas on how to solve the problem.

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The U.S. water infrastructure is rapidly aging; many pipes were installed prior to World War II and now lead to on average 700 water main breaks a day.

U.S. Water Infrastructure is Rated a D-
In fact, the American Society of Civil Engineers rates the U.S. water infrastructure at a "D-." And now the EPA estimates repairing and updating the water infrastructure at $365 billion.

Smart Water Network
The Water Innovations Alliance is at the forefront of leading the industry with new ideas and concepts on how to address these issues and how they affect local utilities and communities. We have come up with a smart water network, based on utilizing advanced water IT systems of management which can save individual communities and utilities over $80 billion.

Who Should Attend
If you are involved with public water policy on the local, regional or national level, you need to attend this conference





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