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Our Mission

The Water Innovations Alliance Foundation is a voice of the world's water innovators, technologists, educators, entrepreneurs and researchers. The Foundationís role is to advocate policies that promote the aggressive development of water technologies and innovations across all sectors and users of water by creating new market opportunities, increasing funding, strengthening research and development programs, removing market barriers and improving education, communication and outreach efforts.

The Foundation also serves as a platform to improve awareness and collaboration between large companies, engineering firms, universities, utilities, start-ups, NGOs and governments -- exposing all key stakeholders to new water technologies, innovations and prospects. Whether the developments be in materials, IT, engineering, financing or public policy, the Foundation is there to shine a spotlight on the developments and provide best practices across the spectrum of the water field.

The Foundationís primary activities are to effectuate federal and state policies that support development, reduces barriers and improve market conditions for the U.S. water technologies market. Additionally, to develop relationships and collaborations to effectuate change in water development and policy across the globe.

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