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Fabien Cousteau

Always seeking the thrill of discovery, even as a child, he was part of the crew of his grandfather's storied ships, Calypso and Alcyone at the age of 12. Over the next 11 years he has been collecting priceless experiences during expeditions to exotic places. The combination of his fieldwork and a degree in environmental economics from Boston University has developed his strong belief that discipline can be the basis for innovative solutions that reconcile regional and global environmental problems with western market economies. A perfect example of such a resolution, he maintains, is the world wide growth of eco-tourism. "Take, for example, the Great White sharks in South Africa," he said. "These beautiful fish are protected and well respected in that part of the world mainly because an economic solution has permitted locals to make a living by preserving rather than killing. The future well-being of our planet rests in our convincing people that the environment is worth saving."

It is with this thought that he set out to show what could be done in the business world. He joined Seventh Generation, a leading environmental products development company, where he successfully spearheaded new product development and new business projects. Having proven his skills in business, he decided to return to his deep-rooted family passion for exploration. He has joined his father, Jean-Michel, and Deep Ocean Odyssey, as the third generation to carry on the tradition of adventure and exploration in the deep ocean, pioneered by his grandfather more than half a century ago.

Recently he co-launched Natural Entertainment, which is working on numerous projects related to exploration and environmental awareness thru television and other media.

Currently Fabien has partnered up with his father, Jean Michel Cousteau, and sister Celine to complete a three year multi hour series called Ocean Adventures for PBS starting in 2006 (http://www.pbs.org/kqed/oceanadventures). Topics range from the Grey whale migration of the west coast of the Americas to the magical coral spawning of the Caribbean to diving with squadrons of goliath groupers to the ghost ships of the Great Lakes. Additional hours cover exotic places such as the Amazon, Samoa, Christmas Island, Papua New Guinea, the Arctic and so on.

An active writer, he is currently working on a children's book series and has chronicled his experiences for an upcoming book. During his "down-time" Fabien is working on designing and building and Oceans Educational Institute as part of several educational institutions around the United States.

Fabien shares his time between France and the United States and when not conducting fieldwork he is riding the planet on a wind surfer, mountain bike or piloting a plane. He recently co-hosted the Today Show's annual look at the environment.

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