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Jim Hurd, Vice President of Business Development, Water Innovations Alliance Foundation

Since 1999, Jim Hurd heads the GreenScience Exchange and the NanoScience Exchange. He has worked closely with disruptive start-ups in achieving their strategic goals, in fund raising and in building alliances.

- Jim is currently developing key strategic alliances for a leading Israeli-American energy management software company.
- Jim was VP for Strategic Alliances for GIVE Eco Energy - www.giveecoenergy.com - a leading biomass technology integrator based in Cape Cod, MA that developed projects for Brazil and Ghana, that take waste biomass crops and convert them to electricity. Jim works with the Chairman and Founder to set up and manage strategic relationships with finance institutions, government agencies and engineering firms.
- Jim was on the 2010 Energy Faculty of Singularity University, based in Mountain View, CA - a leading technology graduate school led by Peter Diamandis, Founder of the X-Prize and Ray Kurzweill, famous author and inventor.
- Jim consults for the Water Innovations Alliance, a leading water technology association based in New York City.
- Jim was on the Steering Committee for Silicon Valley for "Cleantech for Obama" during the 2008 U.S. Presidential campaign. He participates in the Washington, DC and U.S. activities of the Clean Economy Network, (CEN), the follow-up organization to Cleantech for Obama after the '08 election. In the past, Jim attended receptions at the 2008, 2004 and 2000 Democratic Conventions. He works with Senators, Congressmen and their staffers on Capitol Hill to develop technology and innovation initiatives.

As an advisor to leading technology start-up companies, Jim consulted for the following start-ups:
- a leading nano lithium-ion battery company, based in Silicon Valley, assisting in strategic relationships and key hires as the company grew, and tracking industry developments that affect the company's technology leadership.
- for Apollo Diamond, the leader in producing flawless single-crystal diamond for gems and semiconductors - developing key strategic partnerships with leading corporations.
- for a breakthrough coal and biomass fuel cell company - putting together strategic alliances.
- for a roll-up of disruptive materials based in London and backed by Middle Eastern investors - with deal flow for investment and acquisition.
- for Natural Nano, a publicly traded nano-materials company using pleximers to develop breakthrough new solutions in industrial materials - putting together key strategic relationships, recruiting a Nobel Laureate as an advisor, and increasing the visibility of the company in major media.
- for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corporation, a subsidiary of Viaspace, in establishing strategic alliances.
- for Optiva, a leading nano-materials company in 2002 - 2003, helping the company to close a substantial part of a $30 million venture investment.
- Jim consulted for NOST - Netherlands Office of Science and Technology in 2007 - for two Dutch companies developing markets in the U.S.
- Jim was a first and second round judge for 2007, 2008 and 2009 World Bank Development Gateway Awards in Washington, DC. He participated in the United Nations Tech Tuesday events on scale-up of technology for developing countries held in 2003 and 2004.
- Jim has spoken at numerous events and conferences on "Realities of Start-up Commercialization" around the world.


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